Tennessee police chief and mistress turned storage unit into ‘love nest’

December 12, 2013 3
Tennessee police chief and mistress turned storage unit into ‘love nest’Sharon Marr and Wes Snyder

Feathers have been ruffled over a high-profile couple who transformed a Tennessee self-storage unit into their illicit “love nest.”

Wes Snyder, the longtime police chief in Cleveland, TN, submitted his resignation Dec. 6 after word surfaced that he and Sharon Marr, executive director of the nonprofit MainStreet Cleveland organization, hooked up in a unit she had rented at Rhodes Climate Controlled Storage in Cleveland. Snyder is married to another woman, while Marr is single.

While Snyder is retiring from the police force, Marr faces an internal investigation at MainStreet Cleveland, so her job likely is in jeopardy.

Video surveillance footage shows that Snyder and Marr visited the unit several times in late November and early December for 60 to 90 minutes at a time, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Items discovered inside what the newspaper called the couple’s “love nest” included an area rug, a couple of blankets and pillows, a folding chair, half a bottle of brandy, a couple of bottles of water, baby wipes, paper towels, a handheld mirror and a hairbrush.

In a written statement, facility owner Jimmy Rhodes lashed out at the storage shenanigans in Cleveland. Rhodes owns four self-storage facilities in Tennessee.

“It is against our policy here at Rhodes Storage for a tenant to physically occupy their unit. Our units are for the purpose of storing commercial and household items only,” Rhodes said.

rhodes storage unit

Marr and Snyder’s “love nest”

Once the Cleveland facility uncovered evidence that Marr and Snyder were cavorting in one of its units, managers alerted authorities and handed over video surveillance footage, according to Rhodes’ statement.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior in our facilities and strongly feel that appropriate action was taken,” Rhodes said in his statement. “It is our number one priority to provide safe, clean, secured storage for our valued customers.”

Both Snyder and Marr issued apologies at the Dec. 9 meeting of the Cleveland City Council.

“I made a terrible mistake with a very dear and very good friend that plunged all of us into circumstances that are horrible, to say the least,” Snyder said. “I take full responsibility and complete responsibility for my actions. Without a doubt, I have used poor judgment in this matter. So I’ll stand here today and ask you for your forgiveness. … Healing starts with the first step, so here’s the first step.”

Marr said she was “truly sorry” for the embarrassment that her trysts with Snyder had caused to the community, according to the Cleveland Daily Banner. She apologized to her family and friends, and to Snyder’s family.

“This is a very personal matter that has played out in a horrific way, and we are just going to heal and move through it. Please accept my sincerest apologies,” Marr said.

Photos courtesy of Chattanooga Times Free Press

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  • Lucky13X

    That pic says it all regarding the quality of that relationship.

  • Craig

    You can’t fool me. The picture is just the cop in his drag persona “Innita Hand”

    • Matz

      I thought the same thing. I’m just glad someone else said it.