Storage Facility Assists FBI in Triple Murder Investigation

April 18, 2013 1
Storage Facility Assists FBI in Triple Murder Investigation

When Kaufman County assistant district attorney Mark Hasse was gunned down in broad daylight on January 31, authorities suspected it was a hit from the Aryan Brotherhood.

Hasse’s closet colleague, district attorney Mike McLelland, disagreed. From day one, he pointed the finger at another man: former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams.

According to County Judge Bruce Wood, McLelland described Williams as a “narcissistic sociopath” and “absolutely” responsible for the slaying.

After the Hasse murder, authorities analyzed Williams’ cellphone and checked his hands for gunpowder residue. Despite the lack of any physical evidence linking Williams to the crime, McLelland remained adamant that Williams was the killer, and he began to carry a firearm on his person for protection.

According to many sources, ever since Williams was accused of stealing three computer monitors from the Justice of the Peace IT office in 2012, he’s harbored a grudge against the district attorney’s office and McLelland and Hasse in particular.

During the 2012 theft case, McLelland and Hasse pushed for jail time. Ultimately, Williams received probation, lost his license to practice law, and was fired from his job.

Williams appealed the theft conviction, and on March 29, a Dallas court agreed to hear oral arguments.

On the following day, March 30, nearly two months after Hasse was murdered, McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found dead in their Kaufman County home.

Authorities were able to trace an incendiary email back to Williams’ home computer; Williams told a county official that more attacks would occur if his demands were not met. After obtaining search warrants to Williams’ residence and his in-laws’ home, authorities were led to Gibson Self Storage in Seagoville, TX. With the help of Texas Rangers, ATF officials and Gibson employees, FBI agents found over 20 different weapons and a white Ford Crown Victoria in the self-storage locker.

gibson self storage

According to eyewitnesses, the Crown Victoria matched the description of a vehicle seen in the vicinity on the morning of the McLelland murders.

Although the storage unit was not rented by Williams himself, it is believed that the tenant rented it on Williams’ behalf. We know for certain that it is not Williams’ wife, Kim Lene Williams, who was also arrested earlier this week on capital murder charges. Kim Williams, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome, is being held on a $10 million bond.

Lieutenant Justin Lewis, a Kaufman County courthouse spokesperson, told onlookers yesterday that Kim testified that her husband was the triggerman in the three murders. However, according to the affidavit, she made several conflicting statements. This past weekend Williams was arrested for making “terroristic threats,” and today he officially was charged with murder. He’s being held in Kaufman County jail on a $23 million bond.

Their neighbors have described them as “strange.” Allegedly, Williams often rode around the neighborhood on a Segway while wearing camouflage fatigues, while his wife peddled an oversized tricycle. Both may receive the death penalty.

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