Self-Storage Tenant and Manager Help Authorities Bust Ketamine Lab

August 1, 2013 0
Self-Storage Tenant and Manager Help Authorities Bust Ketamine Lab

After a self-storage tenant noticed odd odors emanating from a neighboring storage unit, he alerted the manager and a police investigation ensued.

Rowley, MA, police officer Matt Zier watched hours of ABZ Self Storage’s surveillance footage, which depicted Timothy Vonallgeier, 24, logging long hours inside his 5×10 unit, often with the door slightly ajar. Vonallgeier occasionally would meet with guests and exchange suitcases for cash.

Zier obtained a warrant to search to the unit, where he discovered all the requisite materials for a ketamine conversion lab–a microwave with ketamine residue, nitrous oxide containers, two scales and empty ketamine bottles.

Additionally, there were fake IDs, a forged cable TV bill, an American Express card and detailed records. According to the records, Vonallgeier allegedly was involved in a ketamine-trafficking operation that reached at least as far as Hawaii and California. In fact, authorities suspect the illicit enterprise could have been international in scope.

After a warrant for arrest was issued, Vonallgeier’s lawyer arranged for the suspect to turn himself in, and he was arraigned June 27. Vonallgeier faces one count of distributing ketamine (a Class A drug) and two counts of possession with intent to distribute.

Ketamine, or “Special K” as it’s known on the street, is a popular hallucinatory party drug with side effects similar to PCP, which goes by the name “angel dust.” A common animal anesthetic, ketamine often is diverted from veterinarians’ offices for recreational use.

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Vonallgeier’s Previous Legal Run-Ins
April 2007: Possession of marijuana (Class D) in a school zone, intent to distribute
January 2009: Driving with a suspended license
October 2011: Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, attempting to commit a crime, possession of marijuana

As this incident shows, tenants can help storage managers fight crime. In fact, self-storage managers can benefit from taking a “If you see something, say something” approach, similar to one adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies.

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Photos courtesy of Tony Smyth, The Associated Press and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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