Self-storage crime roundup: Dognapping at Nebraska storage facility

April 3, 2014 0
Self-storage crime roundup: Dognapping at Nebraska storage facility

The owners of Eagle’s Nest Self-Storage in Lincoln, NE, were devastated when a young man took their puppy. Fortunately, the self-storage facility’s surveillance cameras picked up footage of the suspect, and manager Donna Reis had a friend over at Channel 8 News. The channel’s coverage led to Zeke’s safe return.

“The guy who ended up taking him gave him to someone else. Zeke ended up in Omaha, which is about 45 minutes away,” Reis said.

Reis does not think this was someone’s attempt at being a Good Samaritan.


Although the 4-month-old Labrador Retriever had recently outgrown his collar, the suspect allegedly did not try to track down the dog’s owners.

“[The culprit] said the Humane Society wouldn’t take Zeke, which we know isn’t true,” Reis said. “We could have pressed charges, and it would have been a felony. I almost want to [press charges] just to teach him a lesson, but it’s not worth it.”

At least the story has a happy ending: Zeke’s back home.


Chicago | Ex-detective arrested for drug trafficking

Deputies took note when a 2007 Dodge Ram with out-of-state plates sped through a construction zone in the Windy City. The truck had been profiled as being driven by a possible drug courier.

During a Feb. 14 traffic stop, Kane County sheriff’s deputies found two handguns and $80,000 hidden in a toolbox. The driver, former police Lt. William Floyd Marsh, was arrested.

Inside two Chicago-area storage units tied to Marsh, authorities discovered 55 pounds of high-grade marijuana, with a street value of about $750,000.

Marsh faces five felonies, including marijuana trafficking and money laundering.

On Feb. 18, authorities arrested Marsh’s alleged accomplice, Gerald Matthew Wiese.

Officers from Marsh’s former police department issued a search warrant for a self-storage unit in Milwaukie, OR. This search yielded some harder drugs: 2.4 pounds of heroin, 5.7 ounces of cocaine and 6.3 pounds of meth.

This isn’t Marsh’s run-in with his old police force. According to The Oregonian, Marsh was demoted in 2001 for having sexual relationships with five–that’s right, five–of his female employees.


St. George, UT | Man swings bat at woman in “self-defense”

An altercation at a Utah self-storage facility ended with the arrest of Gary Reed Edwards, according to the St. George News.

According to the newspaper, two St. George women spurned Edwards’ romantic advances, left his home and headed to a storage facility. Edwards, who suspected the women of stealing his phone, proceeded to get physical. He followed them to the facility, then allegedly pushed one woman to the ground and grabbed the other by the throat.

One of the women shattered Edwards’ car window with a 2-by-4, which prompted Edwards to hit her with a metal bat, police said. After striking the woman three times, Edwards drove away, according to authorities He told police officers he used the bat in self-defense.

Edwards was arrested on two assault charges. The woman who was struck by the bat was treated at a local hospital.


Marina, CA | Stolen police uniforms and equipment stashed in self-storage

After Dave Hester of “Storage Wars” fame auctioned off a Marina, CA, storage unit Feb. 18, the winning bidders–Jesse Bishop and his father, Craig Butcher–made a startling discovery.

Inside their unit were thousands of dollars worth of police equipment, including sirens, handcuffs, urine-test kits, batons and radio equipment. On top of that, Bishop and Butcher found more than 80 uniforms from police departments in the region.

As you might suspect, there’s a large black market for such equipment.

Bishop and Butcher paid $825 for the storage unit, but they alerted authorities and returned the items immediately. Cops traveled to Butcher’s home in Carmel Valley to collect the goods.

According to The Monterey Herald, the unit belonged to Santos Bautista, a former employee of the Marina Police Department who was fired four or five years ago.


Spring, TX | Rare sports car snatched from CubeSmart 

It’s not particularly bright to steal a car when just 38 of them exist. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened Feb. 28 at a CubeSmart facility in the Houston area.

The car’s owner hopes the public will help him track down the stolen vehicle and its trailer. The car is a 2008 Shelby-modified Terlingua Mustang. The Shelby number on the car is 08TR0403.


Warren, OH | Duo nabbed for illegal steroid enterprise

Joseph Stiver allegedly ran an online anabolic steroid business out of a storage unit at E-Z Self-Storage in Warren–not exactly the kind of activity that a facility wants to see.

The steroid entrepreneur faces 17 criminal charges, including drug trafficking, identity fraud and tampering with evidence. Authorities discovered steroids as well as $175,000 in cash in the attic of Stiver’s parents’ home.

Stiver and his alleged accomplice, Randy McCale, initially got on local authorities’ radar after a December 2013 break-in at E-Z Self Storage. At the facility, police discovered a storage unit filled with boxes of testosterone cypionate, pills and needles, along with handwritten notes containing Social Security numbers.

According to investigators, McCale supplied Stiver with personal information for members of Global Fitness, where McCale worked at the front desk for three years. Stiver, in turn, used this information to create PayPal accounts and order steroids. McCale also allegedly handled pickups and deliveries for Stiver’s budding business.

Stiver and McCale have pleaded innocent to the charges against them. If convicted, each man faces up to 10 years in prison.

Photos courtesy of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office;;; Vern Fisher/The Monterey Herald;;

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