and merge

February 10, 2014 2 and merge

Two websites— and—have joined forces to create what they’re calling the eBay for self-storage auctions.

The combined company, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is adopting the brand.

“The merger of these two companies makes perfect sense for both companies,” said Jim Grant, founder of and CEO of the new company.

“ has great name recognition, SEO and online visibility, and is by far the leader in storage auction listings in this industry,” Grant added. “ has a product that was first to the market, a significant client base and substantial internal infrastructure—a really good consolidation of talents, resources and market share.”

The combined company has more than 3,000 self-storage facilities signed up to conduct online auctions of storage units. The company averages more than 3,000 online auctions a month and expects to nearly double that number in 2014. The Self Storage Association estimates that 2 million self-storage auctions are held each year in the U.S.

“All clients of both companies will be part of the new entity,” Grant said.

Lance Watkins, founder of, helped introduce A&E’s “Storage Wars,” and his California facilities have been featured on the show. Watkins is chairman of the new company.

“Three years ago, almost nobody knew about self-storage auctions,” Watkins said. “The industry largely pretended it didn’t exist. Most bidders were professionals in a tight-knit community who had little competition and sometimes colluded to keep bids low. That all changed with shows like ‘Storage Wars’—they brought auctions out of the closet.”

Last year, merged with another auction website,

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  • Dan Felsing

    Why would anyone want to use either service? They charge the seller 10%, the buyer 10% (which really comes out of the storage facilities pocket since buyers reduce their bids to make up for this fee) and a $10 cancellation fee whenever a tenant comes in to pay at the last minute. Why would anyone want to pay that much in fees? There are free online storage auction services out there you know.

    Just last week, Storage Battles’ server crashed and the site was down over an hour. This happened while hundreds of auctions were about to end. Buyers were irate and storage facilities lost thousands of dollars. Some buyers were happy though. Since no one could bid, they walked away with units for as low as $10.

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