Friends and relatives remember slain storage manager

August 11, 2014 0
Friends and relatives remember slain storage manager

More than nine dozen pink balloons floated into the air recently outside a Public Storage facility in suburban Chicago in remembrance of a storage manager who was stabbed to death there 12 years ago.

Jennifer Boyd, 27, of Alsip, IL, was stabbed numerous times on Aug. 3, 2002, inside a 3×5 unit at a Public Storage facility in Bedford Park, IL, according to the Chicago Tribune. This Aug. 3, about 60 relatives and friends gathered at the facility to bring renewed awareness to Boyd’s case, which remains unsolved.

Boyd’s sister, Rebecca Hernandez, was among those who spoke at the memorial service.

“Even though today is a celebration of Jenny’s life, it can’t go without being said that the monsters responsible for [her] death freely walk the streets,” the Southtown Star quoted Hernandez as saying. “Their lives still go on as normal while ours have forever changed.”

“After all these years, we still hold out hope that individuals are going to be caught and brought to justice,” Hernandez added. “Jenny deserves this, and so do we.”

‘Horrible, brutal crime’

Public Storage still is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to Boyd’s killer, according to media reports.

“We are working several leads,” Detective Andy Smuskiewicz said. “It’s definitely a horrible, brutal crime. We’ve been looking at it pretty heavily.”

Jennifer Boyd

Jennifer Boyd, 27, was stabbed to death Aug. 3, 2002, at a Public Storage facility.

Police say a man apparently posing as a customer stabbed Boyd repeatedly, stole her keys and left her for dead inside a storage unit. For up to two hours, she banged on the unit’s door and cried for help, according to the Southtown Star. Boyd was working alone that day. Someone at the facility finally heard the commotion and notified authorities. But by the time Bedford Park firefighters broke into the unit, Boyd was dead.

Susan Boyd, Jennifer’s mother, was an employee of the Public Storage facility in Merrionette Park, IL, at the time of her daughter’s slaying. She helped Jennifer get the job at the Bedford Park facility, according to the Southtown Star. The job was supposed to be temporary until Jennifer could find work in child psychology, which she had studied in college.

Susan Boyd said her daughter understood that she’d be working alone sometimes at the Bedford Park facility, “but she wasn’t afraid. I remember one time she said, ‘There’s nothing in that place that’s worth my life.’”

Anyone with information about Jennifer Boyd’s death is asked to call the Bedford Park Police Department at 708-458-3388, ext. 314 or 313. Tips also can be submitted on the department’s website.

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