Storage facility hit by dozens of suspected break-ins

June 16, 2014 1
Storage facility hit by dozens of suspected break-insPolice in Raytown, MO, are looking into dozens of possible break-ins at this Public Storage facility.

Police in a suburb of Kansas City, MO, are investigating suspected break-ins at dozens of units at a Public Storage facility.

Investigators in Raytown, MO, determined that 52 units were damaged over a two-day period, with possible break-ins at 47 of the units.

Renters of the units are being contacted to determine what, if anything, was stolen, according to the Raytown Police Department.

Authorities have not identified any suspects in the case. The Police Department said June 16 that surveillance video was not available.

The 2013 Self Storage Almanac noted that 8.9 percent of U.S. facilities surveyed had reported break-ins or thefts in 2012; the 2014 almanac did not include such figures. Of those that reported break-ins or thefts in 2012, the average number of incidents per facility was 2.2.

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Photo courtesy of KCTV

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  • Louis

    3 basic design mistakes make this self storage facility an easy target. 1) You can’t see the road = good hiding spot. 2) No cameras 3) There is only one light in 200′.