Disgruntled Man Sets Storage Facility on Fire and Attempts to Fly a Plane into a Building

March 25, 2013 1
Disgruntled Man Sets Storage Facility on Fire and Attempts to Fly a Plane into a Building

At The Storage Facilitator, we see some jaw-dropping crimes.

Last year we watched incredulously as a medical examiner stashed human organsan exotic dancer extorted an NBA coacha sociopath nabbed $100 million, and a teenager stole a celebrity chef’s Lamborghini.

But this New Zealand crime saga just might be the most outrageous story to date.

On Monday, 24-year-old Travis Doel confessed to a bevy of crimes including arson, burglary, unlawful entry onto an airplane, and reckless damage to a rental car.

It all started when bailiffs from a Nelson, New Zealand court seized Doel’s car because he owed $8,800 in unpaid tickets. The vehicle was stored at Central Self Storage a few miles away from Nayland College, where Doel attended school.

Travis Doel's car at the storage facility 598x340

Already in an ongoing feud with Nelson Public Trust regarding $38,000 from his mother’s will, Doel stormed over to the Public Trust building and demanded the funds. When they charged him with trespassing, Doel became enraged.

From there, Doel headed over to Central Self Storage, but the manager would not let him access his unit. While at the storage facility, Doel learned that Frosty’s Towing company had towed his vehicle and brought it to the Tendre Center.

The following morning, he rented a Nissan station wagon.

March 9 Timeline
12:50am: Noel drives to Central Self Storage and attempts to smash the office window with a wrench. Unable to break the glass, Noel sets fire to toilet paper in an adjacent bathroom.

1:40am: Using a sledgehammer, Noel successfully breaks into the Frosty’s Towing building at the Tendre Center. With his car nowhere in sight, he lights paperwork on fire, destroying the building and 31 vehicles.

Tendre Centre damage

Noel subsequently heads for the Public Trust office. He intends to burn this building down as well, but he opts not to out of fear that he may endanger the people living in the apartments above the business.

Instead, he drives his rental car into the building.

5:45am: At Nelson Aero Club, Noel breaks into a small scheduled passenger plane.

By jamming a screwdriver into the ignition, he’s able to turn on the power. Thankfully, he is unable to get it off the ground, and police apprehend him at the airport.

According to his testimony on Monday, he intended to fly the plane into the Nelson district court.

Doel will remain in police custody until his sentencing on April 30. If they don’t make an insanity plea, Doel’s legal counsel will likely focus on the fact that Doel did not harm anyone on his spree.

Photos courtesy of Facebook and Stuff.co.nz

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    Yeah, he did not harm anyone. That makes it all better.