Security cameras help catch break-in suspects at storage facility

October 2, 2014 0
Security cameras help catch break-in suspects at storage facility

Security cameras played a big role in nabbing two suspects in a break-in at a self-storage facility in Milford, ME.

According to the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office in Bangor, ME, the owners of County Road Self Storage noticed something suspicious the night of Sept. 26 on the facility’s security cameras and notified authorities. Officers arrived and arrested Brandon McPhail, 22, and Allison Meggison, 25, both of Bangor, local TV station WABI reported. When the pair’s car was searched, police found stolen items and a plan to target other places.

Facility co-owner Barak Gurney told WABI that the security-camera system picked up two people walking around the facility’s grounds and illuminating storage units with a cellphone to find out which locks they might be able to cut.

Most of the time, security provides peace of mind, which means more renters.
— Self-storage owner and consultant Marc Goodin

McPhail and Meggison face charges of burglary and theft.

High-tech help

Penobscot County Chief Deputy Troy Morton said this was a prime example of a business taking advantage of anti-crime technology.

“We know that law enforcement together can’t stop all crime, but folks protecting their businesses, protecting their homes with these types of technologies certainly help law enforcement do their jobs, so it’s really important. It’s another good ending,” Morton told WABI.

Gurney said his facility recently replaced its security-camera system after discovering the system had been destroyed this summer in a lightning strike.

‘Smile for our cameras’

Self-storage consultant Marc Goodin said each of the two facilities he owns has security cameras. At each facility, a sign in the office and on the entrance gate reads: “Smile For Our Cameras.”

“It gives our clients the opportunity to decide on their own that our facility is well-protected without us having to tell them,” Goodin told The Storage Facilitator.

“Most of the time,” he added, “security provides peace of mind, which means more renters. They reduce the chances of criminals targeting a facility, and sometimes they help us catch the bad guys.”

Image courtesy of WABI

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