Make More Money in Self-Storage: Make Yourself Mobile

July 7, 2011 3
Make More Money in Self-Storage: Make Yourself Mobile

This is a guest post by self-storage expert and published author R.K. Kliebenstein, VP of Business Development at Metro Storage.

Most self-storage operators have websites and are transacting over the Internet. GREAT!!! But what if the next wave of customers is not reached by your website?

Consider some facts from my friends at iZigg 90210:

  • 90% of Marketing emails are not read!
  • There are 41 BILLION prospective customers using mobile phones.
  • 86% of Americans use mobile “smart phones.”
  • 68% of them frequently text.
  • 97% of text messages are opened.
  • 83% of text messages are opened within an hour!!!!
  • 1.56 TRILLION text messages were sent last year (3 times more than in 2007), and a whopping 52,083 texts are sent every second.

Is this a market you can ignore? And why would you? The sense of urgency has evolved. Before my time it was the telegraph, and then a chosen few businesses used a teletype with a dedicated line. Overnight delivery and courier services sprung up, to be put out of business by the fax machine (really???). My first fax machine would not qualify to fit as carry-on luggage, but it was “instant” communication. The Internet then transformed how quickly communication was exchanged, and email has almost replaced snail mail.

Now, a whole new platform exists in not only smart phone usage, but also the ability to get information through texts. What was thought of as instant messaging for social correspondence only, is now a medium to deliver sales information.

Your self-storage website may be great for broadband users, but may be totally inadequate for smart phone users. Metro Storage recently launched a redesigned web presence with a site totally optimized for smart phone users. Delivery of your site to phones must be succinct, and can not be graphic-intensive. Use of flash can be problematic for many smart phones, and these users tend to be the least patient of communicators. They want info and they want it NOW!

So, what could be better than a prospect who is ready to rent NOW? Are you allowing them to get their data “fix” from a competitor, or are you ready on-demand to deliver decision-making information like prices and benefits to storage renters? Yes, you could stick your head in the sand and pretend that mobile users are not your target, but you will soon find yourself adapting too late. There is no fun or profitability in the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” category.

Savvy aggregators like SpareFoot are optimized for the mobile buying decision-makers. They understand that delivery is critical. Technology knows how to recognize if a web inquiry is coming from a mobile phone or from a stationary Internet connection. Your domain traffic can easily be ported to a mobile-optimized site, and you can even set up an auto-response to text users.

So, let’s make a commitment to make ourselves mobile-friendly, and make more money by attracting prospects who are ready to buy. If you have not opened the door to mobile marketing, you may be missing your next rental opportunity. If you have a comment, why not text me at (847) 378-2943?

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  • paul reynolds

    RK has great opening statistics. It grabs attention. I enjyed the article and asked our web consultant to work on mobile site — slimed down; fewer pictures, big buttons; large easy to read font; and linked to Goggle places

  • Pick and Pack Fulfilment

    Making use of mobile to grab more and more business will definitely be much more responsive as compared to the other medium being used. Everyone is live and active with their mobile and tend to give attention to every big and small mails. It can prove beneficial.

    • Rachel Greenfield

      For sure, thanks for reading and commenting!