Self-Storage Manager Of The Month: Ivan The Storage Dog

August 16, 2012 2
Self-Storage Manager Of The Month: Ivan The Storage Dog

Although not technically a manager, Ivan the Storage Dog runs the show at Security Self Storage, a family-owned self-storage company based in the Raleigh-Durham area. With his own Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, Ivan the Storage Dog’s social media presence is unparalleled. The 165-pound Pyrenees’ official title at Security Self Storage is “Ambassador of Customer Happiness,” and if you check out his Facebook or Twitter accounts, you will see how happily he celebrates almost every holiday of the year.

The always thoughtful Ivan got a present for his Dad on Father’s Day.

He loves Chinese New Year.

Ivan received a rose and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

I recognized Ivan the Storage Dog from our weekly Twitter round-table #StorChat, and I’ve come across Security Self Storage’s auction alerts and coupons through Ivan’s tweets. He graciously offers storage discounts for bands and musicians, as well as those in the military.

According to Sonja, a human Security Self Storage manager, “He goes to all our corporate meetings.” Although Ivan isn’t at her facility every day, Sonja displays a large photograph of him on the wall. “I have people who come to store with me just because of Ivan.”

The folks at Security Self Storage are not afraid to use social media in a creative way, and their initiatives have been very successful. They have seven storage facilities in North Carolina, each boasting its status as “Home of Ivan the Storage Dog.” In addition to being sweet and fluffy, Ivan is an excellent marketing tactic, serving as the face of business as well as its social media liaison.

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    What a great way to further create a personal experience for the client!

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    That one is cute..