How to fill your storage units when your office is closed

July 31, 2014 1
How to fill your storage units when your office is closed

A funny thing happens when self-storage facilities use technology to rent units off-hours: Consumers tend to use it when the facilities are open as well.

Whether the after-hours interface is a web-based self-rental and access system like ClickandStor from The Storage Group, a kiosk with two-way live video assistance like Insomniac from OpenTech Alliance or an around-the-clock call center like PhoneSmart, consumers seem to appreciate the convenience factor.

The Storage Group, a self-storage Internet marketing firm in Maitland, FL, estimates that half of its ClickandStor website rentals happen during office hours. Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance finds that consumers prefer its automated kiosk even when the front desk is staffed. And PhoneSmart, a call center in Columbia, MO, estimates 70 percent of its self-storage volume occurs during regular business hours.

If you’re only answering 70 percent of your phone calls, you’ve just wasted 30 percent of your advertising budget.
— Tron Jordheim, director of operations, PhoneSmart

Relax, self-storage managers: None of these technologies is designed to replace you. Instead, their mission is to answer questions, accept payments and rack up rentals while you’re busy helping other customers, taking a break or enjoying your time off.

Here are three ways to fill your storage units when your office is closed.


Self-storage software systems seem to grow more robust by the day, adding time- and money-saving functions to their operations management, reservations, payment, customer relationship management, security and customer-access capabilities.

Case in point: ClickandStor from The Storage Group, a website addition that enables consumers to sign up, digitally sign a lease, make a payment, and get a code for immediate access to a unit via tablet or smartphone.

“If the manager is busy with someone when a customer walks in, they can hand them a tablet with ClickandStor on it and they can complete the move-in that way,” said Holly Ritchie, marketing director at The Storage Group. “If they’re walking the property and have the office locked, they can post a sign on the front door that says, ‘Go to our website and complete your move-in.’”


This screen shot shows the ClickandStor online interface.

Operators can customize ClickandStor functions based on a facility’s needs.

“Because security is an issue for some facilities, we do have some clients who don’t use the unit-access feature of ClickandStor,” Ritchie said. “Or if they want some units to have 24/7 access, they can designate that in ClickandStor, and the rest of the facility won’t be accessible except during office hours.”

The one thing consumers can’t do on a facility’s ClickandStor page is hunt for other local facilities.

“We want ClickandStor to be an extension of our client’s website and not an aggregator,” Ritchie said. “It would be bad business on our part to enable consumers to access a client’s competitors through their site.”

Self-service kiosks

Robert Chiti, president and CEO of OpenTech Alliance, predicts self-service storage kiosks someday will be as common as bank ATMs.

Many renters use OpenTech kiosks even when facility offices are closed.

Many renters use OpenTech kiosks even when facility offices are closed.

The key, he said, is for skeptics to look beyond a kiosk’s $5,500 to $18,000 price tag to the years of revenue to be captured by providing an off-hours, user-friendly setup that appeals to tech-savvy college students, ATM-minded Gen Xers and stuck-in-their-ways Baby Boomers.

“You can’t get all that on your smartphone,” Chiti said. “For operators who want their customers to have a face-to-face interaction, our live video support really helps cut through the idea that they’re working with a machine.”

Chiti said the idea of several facilities co-owning a self-service kiosk may be the next “killer app” to help mom-and-pops compete with the REITs.

“We’re seeing more and more clustering of operators buying properties together,” he said. “As this continues, they’re going to recognize the benefits of one kiosk that serves multiple properties.”

Call centers

Tron Jordheim, director of operations at PhoneSmart, isn’t threatened by all this talk of tablets and kiosks.

call center

A call center can help you pick up tenants when your office is closed.

“The more technology we put into play and automate things, the more people want to talk to somebody live,” he said. “And the more people rely on their cellphones, the more people call, because it’s far easier to call than it is to peck around on a website looking for what you need.”

Jordheim said storage operators who do the math quickly recognize the logic of using a company like PhoneSmart.

“If you’re only answering 70 percent of your phone calls, you’ve just wasted 30 percent of your advertising budget,” he said. “Having a call center working for you is like having a sales force working for like $1 an hour—it’s really cheap. Why some people don’t do it is baffling.”

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  • Rchiti

    Self storage is a great business, operators can make money even when their office is closed. Well some can. 🙂

    If you like the idea of offering your prospects a way to rent units through common touch points (on-site, over the phone, on the web, or mobile) even when your office is closed, then you will REALLY appreciate that you can do it all without having to the overhead of dealing with multiple vendors.

    OpenTech offers on-site self service kiosks, call center services, and online rental/payment solutions… all designed to work together as part of OpenTech’s integrated platform, which makes your life easier! So, when a prospect calls and makes a reservation, they instantly get an email that allows them to complete the reservation online (mobile or PC) and move-in to the unit immediately or go to the facility an complete the reservation via the kiosk. If they are on your website our call center (Storage Counselors) will chat with them and help them rent a unit online. After they rent, if they call to get more information, the call center has all their info and can help them. If they get to the facility and need to change unit sizes they can reach a Storage Counselor via the two way video at the kiosk and get transferred to the correct unit.

    At trade shows our customers are constantly showing me the emails they get from us telling them they just rented another unit while their office was closed. It makes me want to buy a self storage facility.

    Call us to learn more about how our integrated kiosk, call center and online rental solutions can help you make money while your office is closed…. 602.749.9370 or visit our website at