Ruffling Feathers: Peacock Problems at Ohio Self-Storage Facility

July 17, 2013 2
Ruffling Feathers: Peacock Problems at Ohio Self-Storage Facility

Because of noise complaints, a self-storage operator in Dublin, OH, is being forced to remove her pet peafowl from the premises.

The majestic birds have been at Amlin Self-Storage for the past 30 years, ever since a woman who lived on the property brought them there as pets.

For most of the year, the birds wander around the property peacefully, but during their mating period, which lasts roughly six weeks each year, the males make high-pitched squeals in an attempt to attract the female peacocks (peahens). Unfortunately, these high-pitched calls often occur early in the morning and late at night. Storage proprietor Diana Jenne said: “They’re beautiful birds, but at night they just screech.”

Additionally, the peafowl sometimes fly over the facility’s fence and walk all over parked cars. Jenne worried about the males’ long, sharp talons: “I was concerned about them putting holes in the neighbor’s convertible top.”

Also, it’s possible for a peacock to see itself in a car’s reflection and lash out at that vehicle.

‘It’s So Hard to Catch Them’
So, who’s going to take the peafowl?

“The woman who initially brought them here wants to keep them all,” Jenne said, “but it’s so hard to catch them.” So far, she’s caught just two.

Jenne recently was approached by a man who wanted to take the creatures off her hands, but after she discovered his motives–and a machete–she asked him to leave.

Another Dublin resident, who has a female peacock on his farm, came over to Amlin Self-Storage to capture a male. Unfortunately, he was able to just catch another female, as the males are notoriously hard to capture.

The battleground is a small peacock house at the rear of the property, where the birds lay eggs and live during the winter.

Using nets, would-be captors attempt to corner the birds against the house, but it’s no easy task. “If you walk too fast, they start flying,” Jenne said. “And the males are very protective; they won’t let you near the females.”

Sunrise Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that shelters abused and neglected farm animals, initially expressed interested in rounding up the birds; however, Jenne hasn’t heard back from the sanctuary.

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