StorageMart rolls out web series ‘The Storage Medium’

February 3, 2014 0
StorageMart rolls out web series ‘The Storage Medium’

Look out, “Antiques Roadshow,” “Storage Wars” and “Long Island Medium.” A psychic mash-up of your shows has just hit the Internet.

Columbia, MO-based self-storage operator StorageMart has recruited well-known psychic medium Joyce Keller as the star of a new online series called “The Storage Medium.” The first of the initial three installments in the series premiered online in late January.

“We hope it becomes a hit show that runs many seasons,” said Tron Jordheim, chief marketing officer at StorageMart. “I think the show will be fun for believers and skeptics alike. They will both have a lot to talk about.”

The Storage Medium

Joyce Keller (left), holding a hammer, shares her insights with StorageMart manager Lisa.

Tapping the Energy of Objects
As StorageMart explains on its website, Keller helps guests unlock “the energy that can exist in inanimate objects.” The premiere episode focuses on items brought in by a StorageMart manager in Kansas City, MO, named Lisa.

On camera with Lisa, Keller practices something called psychometry, “where people who are sensitive to the paranormal can sometimes pick up vibrations and impressions from objects,” said Jordheim, who also appears in the series. In this episode, among the items that Keller studied are:

  • A hammer that belonged to her father.
  • Pilot’s log books that belonged to her grandfather.
  • Gloves, a purse, a cookbook and eyeglasses that belonged to Lisa’s great aunt.

As StorageMart’s synopsis points out, the debut episode was less about eye-opening facts regarding the objects and “more about drawing out the feelings Lisa still holds for those close to her who have passed on.” Lisa was touched when she learned how closely her father watches over her, and was “pretty good-natured when Joyce was apparently picking up a wrong signal from one item or another.”

Jordheim hopes “The Storage Medium” can become as popular as “Antiques Roadshow,” “Storage Wars” or “Long Island Medium.”

“We may have to get there one viewer and one fan at a time,” he said.

Jordheim also hopes the series boosts exposure of the StorageMart brand.

The Storage Medium

Tron Jordheim chats with StorageMart manager Lisa.

A Show Is Born
So, just how did “The Storage Medium” evolve from idea to implementation?

Jordheim struck up a friendship with Keller after the two met at a conference. As it turned out, Keller rents a StorageMart unit in Secaucus, NJ, to help her maintain an organized, feng-shui-friendly home.

“I was tickled to meet someone who had such a long and such a wonderful reputation as a psychic,” Jordheim said.

Later on, Jordheim, Keller and Keller’s husband, Jack, were talking one day about how “Storage Wars” had become a hit TV show.

“We chatted about how people’s things mean something special to them,” Jordheim said, “and how wonderful it would be if people could learn more about the family heirlooms they have in storage.”

Then, Joyce Keller shared her knowledge of psychometry, and the light bulb went on. That’s when the concept for “The Storage Medium” was hatched.

“The show is innovative, helpful, exciting, fun and, best of all, therapeutic and restorative to people who are in emotional pain and distress,” Keller told The Storage Facilitator.

The Storage Medium

Filming of the first episode of “The Storage Medium.”

Behind the Scenes
Jordheim said production costs for “The Storage Medium” have been low. For instance, the show has been shot at StorageMart facilities, rather than at a production studio.

“The sets are simple. The camera activities are simple. A huge location crew is not needed,” he said.

Jordheim said it’s been “incredible” to watch Keller at work. Sometimes, she makes amazing connections with people, according to Jordheim, and helps them reconnect with lost loved ones or affirm lingering beliefs. However, Keller sometimes doesn’t bond with people or their things.

“We hope the camera captures the emotional connection she gets with people and how her insights really strike a chord with people,” Jordheim said. “Reading people and their things is not something one can turn on or off with a switch, and is always unpredictable. It is emotionally draining and physically exhausting to be a medium.”

To watch the first episode of “The Storage Medium,” visit


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