Clean Up Your Marketing Act For Spring Cleaning Tenants

May 25, 2012 3
Clean Up Your Marketing Act For Spring Cleaning Tenants

Like it or not, spring cleaning is an inevitable yearly phenomenon. From slobs to neat freaks, the seasonal call to clean is just too strong to ignore. It’s a national trend that spells good news for the self-storage industry, and smart storage marketers should tailor a campaign toward this lucrative customer base. The Storage Facilitator has just the marketing advice you need to sweep those spring cleaners into your units.

A clean message
For spring cleaners, a storage unit is the perfect place to clear out a cluttered room for more space, remodeling, or intense cleaning projects like shampooing carpet, painting, and wallpapering. In essence, your facility is offering a second garage to facilitate a hassle-free spring cleaning project. Think about how you use your garage while making improvements to your home. It’s a useful, convenient space to access tools, cleaning supplies, and lawn equipment, and it’s a quick solution for storing the stuff that gets in your way. With that in mind, your primary message should be accessibility. Neighborhood facilities should emphasize their proximity to home. A quick trip to the storage unit to drop off or pick up supplies or belongings – barely making a dent in a busy schedule – can be an invaluable service to spring cleaners.

While 24-hour access won’t be your conversation starter, it’s a good point to bring up for tenants who like to get a head start on the day. But many tenants will be looking to store antique furniture or family heirlooms during a spring cleaning overhaul, so call attention to your climate controlled units. In terms of protection and peace of mind, a climate controlled unit is a huge step up from the garage. As Spring turns to Summer, heightened risks of heat and humidity damage in an unregulated environment are a widespread concern.

You’re sure to encounter plenty of de-clutterers throughout the season. These tenants are taking spring cleaning to the extreme by opting for a permanent storage solution to their space problems. Pricing will be a major talking point, but don’t forget to market your security system and variety of unit size options for these long-term customers.

Finally, the pillar of all self-storage marketing— customer service. Time and time again, this has been the factor leading to a customer deciding on one facility over another. Brief your employees on proper customer service  and stress the importance of “above and beyond.” An exemplary storage experience facilitated by helpful employees is the quickest way to spread word-of mouth, on and offline.

Take it to the cleaners
Once you’ve honed your marketing message, you’ll need a place to send it. Creative branding is how facility marketers differentiate themselves from the competition. If you aren’t already, become familiar with the marketing landscape in your area. What do customers respond to? Where are they most likely to see your brand? The answer is different for every local market, but we’ve got a few suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

Seek out marketing relationships with local retailers in home improvement and organization. Stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the Container Store are excellent places to seek out the spring cleaning crowd. Many local businesses will be open to referral-swapping, so bring plenty of fliers, coupons, and business cards to direct retail customers to your facility. And don’t skimp on your end of the branding agreement; not only will full cooperation be better for your bottom line, but it’ll foster a healthy relationship with local businesses who may need your services in the future.

Your online brand can be just as important as your relationships with local businesses. If you have a blog, reach out to other local bloggers in home organization, interior design, and any other storage-related topic about swapping interesting and relevant content. Since the Google Penguin update, the quality of the on-site content as well as inbound links to your site are more important than ever.

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  • QuikStor Seo

    Great article!

  • Ericka Muldowney

    This piece can serve as a quick manual for starters! =) While almost everything is stated here, marketing your product can’t be so simple. You need to gain the trust of your potential customers, and that’s the hardest part. This business is like courting a woman; you need to prove something to show your sincerity to her and eventually, she will say yes. Hehe!

    • Rachel Greenfield

      Nice analogy, Ericka. Thank you for reading!