SpareFoot Rolls Out College Mini-Fridge Giveaway

May 8, 2013 0
SpareFoot Rolls Out College Mini-Fridge Giveaway

Our partner site SpareFoot is making college moving and storage season fun by giving away a sweet mini-fridge to one lucky student on Facebook. With all the stressed, hot and hungry students on the move this summer, climate-controlled food storage is SpareFoot’s creative way of showing customers and fans that they care.

SpareFoot’s marketing team decked out a retro fridge design from Nostalgia Electrics with custom SpareFoot decals, and stocked it full of Monster energy drinks to help students through finals and packing.

The giveaway is hosted on the SpareFoot Facebook page and powered by third-party giveaway service Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter incorporates several social media channels into the giveaway-entry process. Each entry option is assigned a point value, with each point equaling one entry. The more points earned, the greater the likelihood of winning the fridge. The whole system is neatly presented in a widget that can be embedded on a Facebook tab or a blog:


And when time runs out, Rafflecopter provides a randomized selection tool to pick the winner:


Third-party apps are a necessity for hosting a Facebook giveaway because of the social media giant’s strict promotional guidelines. According to Facebook’s page guidelines, promotions cannot be hosted on a company’s timeline. Furthermore, native Facebook functions such as “Liking” or commenting on a post are prohibited as methods of entry. That means brands must get creative when hosting Facebook giveaways, and third-party apps like Rafflecopter and Shortstack can offer flexible solutions.

Participants in the College Mini-Fridge Giveaway can enter by liking the SpareFoot Facebook page, following @SpareFoot on Twitter, subscribing to the SpareFoot Blog or visiting SpareFoot’s Google+ page. The winner of this Facebook giveaway will be randomly selected May 31. More details are available at

Promotions like these are perfect opportunities to incentivize the rental and move-in process for your summertime college tenants. If you’re a SpareFoot client, mention this to your incoming and prospective tenants. Not only is it a fun way to help your student tenants, but it’s a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing for your own promotional ideas.

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