Our Favorite Self-Storage Social Media Profiles

April 1, 2013 0
Our Favorite Self-Storage Social Media Profiles

Here at The Storage Facilitator, we love social media and believe in the importance of maintaining a strong profile. With social media comes an unprecedented opportunity–the chance to communicate with your customers in real-time and establish a personality and voice for your brand that helps grow your business. We’ve talked time and time again about the necessary attributes of a compelling social media presence, but what are some live examples of this? In random order, here are some of our favorite self-storage facilities that demonstrate a smart and effective use of their social media profiles.


Ivan the Storage Dog (Security Self Storage in Raleigh, NC)
Twitter | Facebook
Ivan is no stranger to our blog, and he’s certainly famous in the self-storage world not just for his handsome face, but also his impeccable customer service. As the “Ambassador of Customer Happiness” at Security Self Storage, Ivan is active on both Twitter and Facebook. Facebook fans can find photo albums of Ivan as he poses for various holidays, including Chinese New Years, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. When he’s not vogueing it up for his friends and followers, Ivan posts storage tips, news and tutorials. The perfect mix of personality, humor and storage-related news makes Ivan one of the most effective and cute storage mascots in the industry.

Ivan’s presence is also a great example of what quirky and fun marketing can do for your facility–according to the managers, customers will stop in just to see his furry magnificence.


SmartStop Self Storage
Twitter | Facebook | Blog
With over 1,600 likes on Facebook and an active online presence that spans from Twitter, to Google+, to Formspring, SmartStop Self Storage continues to impress us with its thorough and enthusiastic online presence. It also has a frequently updated blog full of advice and other storage-related topics.

In addition to posting regular updates of facility news, SmartStop facilitates customer interaction by frequently holding contests and giveaways. It also has its own professional cycling team, Team SmartStop, which it constantly covers on all of its social media. SmartStop’s online presence is entirely unique and fun, bringing a touch of excitement to storage.


U-Lock Mini Storage
Twitter | Facebook | Blog
A regular and welcome face in #Storchat, our weekly self-storage Twitter chat for industry professionals, U-Lock Mini Storage has a whopping 1,337 followers–and that’s just as of this post. U-Lock is popular on Twitter for good reason–followers get to enjoy fun links, storage musings and regular conversation, all courtesy of manager Darlene McDonagh, who runs the Twitter. With a ton of interaction with fans and followers, U-Lock demonstrates the best way to show just enough personality to humanize and transform itself from storage facility to friend.

U-Lock also has a blog, which is regularly updated with storage tips and advice. What sets the blog apart from others in the industry, however, is its focus on the employees. Readers will find a “get to know our employees” feature, which asks a random U-Lock staffer 10 questions to “gain a little insight into the person they are when they take off that infamous lighted U-Lock hat and leave the office.” It’s a fun and great way to get to know the company and encourage customers to feel more at home when they come to store their belongings.


Twitter | Facebook
With over 9,000 fans on Facebook, almost 5,000 followers on Twitter, and a robust amount of customer interaction across all of its mediums, StorQuest’s online presence is definitely something to be envied. The Santa Monica-based facility encourages follower and fan engagement by presenting a fun platform for its customers. From its random questions like, “Fill in the blank: On an Easter egg hunt, I wish I would find __________,” to its real-time posts about April Fool’s and the Academy Awards, to commiserating with its customers about Monday mornings, the storage facility’s social media profiles are relatable, fun and well-rounded.

StorQuest also sets a great example of making itself worth following for its customers; fans who answer a weekly riddle, trivia question, or identify a movie quote correctly are automatically entered for a chance to win a giftcard to a different vendor every week.


Storage Post Self Storage
Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Youtube
Storage Post boasts a nice balance between fun references to Downton Abbey, cool updates to Lego USB ports, and helpful storage-related tips. Customers are encouraged to leave reviews and questions as well in between pictures of cute animals, babies and albums of design inspiration (“Fab closet space design” and “Unique Hooks”). Additionally, its Twitter is chock full of links to blog posts and interaction with followers and storage-seeking users. Storage Post is also active on Youtube, clocking in with 53 videos. Youtube can be a great way to reach a whole different set of customers, as well as cater to those who are more visually inclined, especially for tutorials and demonstrations.


Manhattan Mini Storage
Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Youtube
Manhattan Mini Storage has become somewhat of a celebrity even outside the self-storage industry; its advertisements and billboards have been noticed by BuzzFeed, Adweek  and all of Manhattan. Its ads perfectly encapsulate the city it represents–proud, diverse and clever, with a healthy dose of snark. While a huge amount of its fans and followers may be attributed to these ad campaigns, Manhattan Mini stays ahead by updating with posts relevant to New Yorkers and isn’t afraid to speak out about social and political issues, which its fan base appreciates.

A quick glance at their Twitter shows high activity, especially in responding to and interacting with their followers. What makes them special, however, is that Manhattan Mini’s tweets and responses are personalized to every customer they talk to, which shows that they take the time to treat each person as an individual. Oftentimes Manhattan Mini’s replies turn into two or three-tweet-long conversations, which is wonderful for not only growing customer loyalty, but also painting themselves as a friendly and accessible company. We love their Twitter and Facebook’s cheerful and grateful attitudes, and so do over 7,000 followers on both networks alike.

Images courtesy of Security Self Storage, SmartStop Self Storage, U-Lock Mini Storage, StorQuest, Storage Post, and Manhattan Mini Storage.

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