7 Ways Your Self-Storage Business Can Dominate Twitter

August 7, 2012 5
7 Ways Your Self-Storage Business Can Dominate Twitter

The self-storage industry has come a long way on Twitter, with noticeably increasing numbers of storage facilities occupying the social network over the last year. Owners and operators are finding varying degrees of success with the platform, which is understandable— it can be challenging to reach new potential tenants on Twitter. Shouting 140-character sales messages out into the Twitterverse may be instinctive, but it’s not the best plan. Luckily, there are a few strategies that can actually work for your self-storage business. We’ve compiled seven greatest hits by picking through The Storage Facilitator archives:

1.  Accept the limitations and become aware of the misconceptions of social media marketing. Most people don’t want to follow you, but don’t worry so much about that number. The key is finding the right customers at the right time. Once per day, use the search bar at the top of the page and type in phrases like “Detroit storage” and “Detroit moving” and “moving to Detroit” and “need storage Detroit,” etc. Send @reply Tweets directly to those hot leads. Be conversational, not aggressive.

2.  Social media isn’t all about hunting down customers. A huge benefit of Twitter is how you can use it to connect and pursue social education with peers in the industry and in your community. Find people by typing in a search term like “self-storage” or “Detroit” into the search bar at the top of the page, then click “People” on the left to reveal a list of users you should follow and reach out to.

3.  On that note, #StorChat is an organized event for the self-storage industry on Twitter every Wednesday at 3p Central. There’s a relevant theme and discussion questions planned for each session, and a lively group of owners and operators participate to share their experiences and learn from others.

4.  Do more research into social media marketing strategy. It’s easy to skip the beginner basics, such as importing your email address book list into Twitter to find users you already know. It’s never too late to go back in time and rethink some things, such as the voice you use in Tweets. Act natural, as no one is going to respond to shouting or robot-like coupon slinging.

5.  If you’re feeling philosophical, step back and consider whether social media even matters for self-storage. How much time are you spending on it? Do you have the resources, like a savvy manager or intern, available to do things the right way? Look at what peers are doing, read more articles on the topic, then decide what approach makes sense for your business.

6.  Our Twitter engagement tips for self-storage reveal what social media is really about— being social. For example, we can’t overstate how important it is to respond to every mention your facility gets on Twitter. Whether that’s an actual @mention or someone just dropping your facility’s name, it’s an opportunity to ask for feedback and thank visitors or fans. Track these conversations by searching your company name on Twitter, or use a third-party monitoring dashboard like Sprout Social.

7.  Be interesting and Tweet diverse content that will appeal to customer fans and other friends in your neighborhood and the industry. Twitter is the perfect place to share blog posts and images – from your own website and around the office to others’ from across the web – that inspire or entertain. Just try to keep things relevant and follow best practices for using Twitter.

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  • http://www.selfstorageinvesting.com Self Storage Investing

    Great tips. Not many self storage providers think to use twitter.

  • http://twitter.com/DaintonPBS Dainton PBS

    They are great tips. We are relatively new to Twitter but find it is a good way to engage with local business community and stay on top of industry news/trends

    • http://thestoragefacilitator.com Rachel Greenfield

      Very true. Happy to help! What is your Twitter @ handle? You can find us at @SelfStorageInc.

  • http://www.aussie-storage.co.uk/ Natalie Diaz

    Social media is emerging as the most cost-effective
    tool to market business, build rapport with existing customers and attracting
    new customers. Several storage companies are promoting their business on
    twitter and I believe it is the right way for any business to emerge
    successful. Besides, Twitter is a good way to find the right customers.

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