4 Important Social Networks For Self-Storage That Aren’t Facebook

November 29, 2012 2
4 Important Social Networks For Self-Storage That Aren’t Facebook

[ by Bill Soule for Lock It Up Self Storage ]

The bombastic star of Shark Tank, Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban, recently tweeted that Facebook was “blowing it” because the social network started charging brands thousands of dollars to feature posts. An algorithm change was responsible for company page posts being seen by less than 10% of fans. If the Dallas Mavericks are having a difficult time spreading their message, should self-storage operators bother trying?

The answer is yes, a self-storage Facebook presence is worth the time and effort. But Facebook doesn’t have a monopoly on social networking. There are many other platforms that provide unexpected benefits to local operators of self-storage in San Jose to St. Petersburg and everywhere in between. And you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your voice heard.

1. YouTube
YouTube is a social media behemoth, so its appearance on this list is no surprise. There have been several clever video campaigns by self-storage facilities, like Storage Outlet’s brilliant “Self Storage” mini-series. But the real benefit of YouTube is using it to enhance your Google Places profile. Google owns YouTube. Google also owns online search, which is dominated by Google Places listings. One very big step to fully optimizing your facility’s Google Places profile is to add at least five YouTube videos to the account. Time to get shooting!

2. Twitter
Like YouTube, Twitter is already well known for its dominance of social media. Twitter also has many fantastic secondary benefits. For example, if you are adding new pages to your website and want them indexed quickly, post a link to Twitter. Google pays attention to this cue. And it’s easy to get involved in the self-storage Twitter community by participating in #StorChat, the industry’s official live Twitter chat for operators to learn from peers and experts every Wednesday at 3 pm Central.

3. Reddit
President Obama made his last campaign stop on Reddit. Representative Darrell Issa sought input on a new bill from Reddit. Websites with cute dog pictures get flooded by traffic from Reddit. Ultimately, Reddit is a social news site that is a great resource for highly valued links. Posting your most fun content to Reddit will help your pages rank in search.

4. My Blog Guest
If you are too busy running your business to become an SEO expert (aren’t we all…) then you can live your online life by these three words: Content Is King. Writing good content and getting it published on other websites with links back to your site is a great strategy, and My Blog Guest is a fine place to make the connections necessary to do it.

Bill Soule of Digital Video Syndicate writes for Lock It Up Self Storage. Lock It Up specializes in San Jose self storage with 7 Bay Area locations.

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