Event Marketing Strategies for Self-Storage

April 24, 2013 1
Event Marketing Strategies for Self-Storage

As the owner of a self-storage facility, you’re in a unique position to host community events. You have access to tenants with different backgrounds and skill sets, and you have the physical space to handle a crowd.

With a little creativity, it’s easy to pack the premises full of potential tenants. Although it may seem daunting and cost-prohibitive at first glance, hosting on-site events can be inexpensive and extremely effective.

In the past, we’ve asked storage owners to share their creative marketing strategies with us, and we’ve seen haunted houses, NFL tailgating parties, art exhibits and wild parties.

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Involve Local Businesses
As Nashville’s MusicCityGal writes on Self Storage Talk, “Market [your event] as a ‘community event’ and businesses will donate just for the exposure.” Local businesses will often donate gift cards, T-shirts, and coupons for goods and services.

MusicCityGal also hosts an annual yard sale at her facility, where tenants set up tables in front of their units and sell household items. In response to speculation that tenants may sell all their items and no longer have a need for a storage unit, she writes, “I have never had a tenant move out. What typically happens is my tenants buy each other’s stuff. And a lot of them bring stuff from home that they do not keep in their units.”

All across the country, community yard sales are becoming increasingly common.

Sponsor Youth Sports Teams
By allowing a local team, Boy Scout troop or cheerleading squad to host a car wash or raffle at your facility, you not only provide a great community service, but you bring positive attention to your business.

Know Your Tenants
If you have tenants who are aspiring musicians, ask them whether they’d like to perform at your facility. Or perhaps tenants have access to tents, bouncy houses or film projectors they could donate for the day.

Prizes, Coupons and Giveaways
Inexpensive giveaways can help draw larger crowds. Flags on Veterans Day, mini-pumpkins on Halloween and holiday ornaments are popular choices. Coffee mugs and plastic cups with your facility name on the side serve as advertisements for years after your event.

A lucky spin on a wheel of fortune, a fortuitous discovery during a scavenger hunt or a grab of candy spilling out from a piñata can brighten a child’s day.

With smartphones becoming more and more prevalent, you should reward participants with prizes for “liking” your Facebook page, “following” you on Twitter or both.

Piggyback on Big Events
Every year down here in Austin, we participate in South by Southwest, a chaotic, two-week party/forum for artists and executives to release new albums, films and tech products. More than 30,000 people attended just the interactive portion of SXSW in 2013. With a huge film festival and more 2,500 bands in town, Austin morphs into an even more bustling city overnight.

If you’re a storage operator in Austin, it’s prudent to piggyback on SXSW by screening films at your facility or setting up a stage for aspiring musicians. Although the majority of SXSW participants come from out of town, it’s still a prime opportunity to get involved with the community and market your facility as a fun, hip local business.

Wherever you live, your community most likely hosts major events–bigger or smaller than SXSW–that very well could be marketing opportunities for your facility.

Feature image via thbc.org; other images courtesy of Kempsville-AAAA Self Storage/Facebook; Southern Self Storage Fort Myers/Facebook; SpareFoot.com; and fairlawn-saddlebrook.patch.com.

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