Off For The Holidays: Be Transparent About Hours

December 21, 2011 2
Off For The Holidays: Be Transparent About Hours

As we retreat from our businesses to spend time with loved ones, you may be considering how to handle your holiday hours. While it’s safe to assume a decreased demand to access your facility over the holidays, you never know what a tenant might need at any given time. As a manager, it’s your job to find a good balance between much-deserved time off and reliable customer service.

While the majority of your tenants will be enjoying similar down-time, you should be aware some tenants might need last-minute access to wrap presents or grab decorations, and retailers and other local businesses often operate throughout the holidays. Being sensitive to your customer’s potential holiday needs is the first step to planning your decreased hours. Second, talk to your employees. Find out when they’re willing to work, and whose schedules are the most flexible. Overall, you have the best idea of how long your facility needs to remain open and accessible. Nobody wants to work a dead shift when they could be enjoying a holiday break.

Once you’ve settled on a holiday schedule, the next step is communicating that schedule to your customers. By being transparent with your hours, you reduce the risk of confusion and subsequent distrust among your tenants. Post your upcoming hours in a visible location for as long as you can beforehand– the front desk, windows, elevators, facility walls, and anywhere else that receives plenty of traffic are all excellent locations. Never pass up an opportunity to bring it up with customers in the office, and mention the new schedule in your holiday email or newsletter.

If you already have customers scheduled for move-in on a day you’ll be closed, give them a call to reschedule. Some reservations are made far in advance, before customers realize the date they chose is on or around a holiday. There’s a good chance the customer won’t be able to come in either. But mostly, you don’t want to risk having someone trying to move in when you aren’t there to assist them.

Speaking of holiday hours, we at the Storage Facilitator have families, too! We’ll be taking a break from the blog until January, but you can always reach us on Twitter and Facebook. Take this opportunity to catch up on any posts you may have missed, and as always, we encourage you to leave your comments below.

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  • Self Storage Investing

    I agree. It’s definitely important to advertise holiday hours on all available medians– the website, at the property, and through email, if possible.

  • Storage Dunstable

    Same goes for us over here in Dunstable, Uk; We previously were concerned about staying open for normal hours to ‘keep up with the competition’ but experience has shown very few, if any, customers came along during the holiday season to access ther storage units. Coupled with our staff’s desire to have time off and be with their families, we reduced the opening times. We spoke to all the regular customers, posted notices around the sites and on the top of the home page of our website. Of course we did get one customer turn up after hours and call through to enquire why we not open but she was very understanding.