Marketing Self-Storage to College Students

May 6, 2011 5
Marketing Self-Storage to College Students

It’s officially summer move-out season in college towns across the country. Students are a significant demographic of self-storage renters, and this is the best moment to target them. As they leave town, float between leases and move into new apartments, your facility should be their obvious storage solution. So how do you reach students to get their attention and their business?

Start by offering an exclusive student move-in special, for one month or the whole summer.  The discount doesn’t have to be deep, as the message is what really matters— your facility supports the student community and respects that their budgets are limited.

There are a few free ways to get the word out about your special online, by focusing on web resources students use the most. Update your listings on sites like Google Places, Yelp and SpareFoot to announce the deal. Post a Craigslist ad, and sign up to be featured as a Daily Deal on college classifieds site Uloop.

Offline, you’ll have to spend a little money to make money. We recommend printing branded, university-centric fliers to post on community bulletin boards around campus and at local businesses frequented by students. Think about places like coffee shops, used book stores (especially now that the semester is ending), laundromats and convenience stores. If you’ve printed enough fliers, you might politely ask employees if you can leave a stack on the counter or cash wrap for students to grab on their way out.

Don’t forget to consider university logo, mascot and name trademark licensing requirements when designing your flier— contact the university marketing department for details.

We’ll be back next week with more tips for marketing self-storage to the students in your neighborhood. What strategies have worked for your facility? Share them with us in the comments!

UPDATE: Check out part 2 in the series here: Marketing Self-Storage to College Students: Part 2

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