Manhattan Mini Storage and MakeSpace battle over new ad campaign

June 16, 2014 0
Manhattan Mini Storage and MakeSpace battle over new ad campaign

A new ad campaign has set off a war of words in the Big Apple between traditional self-storage operator Manhattan Mini Storage and storage-by-the-bin startup MakeSpace.

As reported by Crain’s New York Business, the online and billboard campaign in New York City features the tagline “Don’t trust the cloud.” MakeSpace CEO Sam Rosen claims that’s a direct shot at MakeSpace’s slogan, “Your Closet in the Cloud.” Rosen has described his startup as “a Dropbox for real-life storage,” offering pickup and delivery of packed storage bins, and making storage units “obsolete.”

“This is a classic David vs. Goliath story,” Rosen said of the Manhattan Mini Storage campaign. “While we don’t appreciate anyone attacking our brand, the silver lining is that a giant company like Manhattan Mini Storage feels threatened by our 8-month-old startup.”

For its part, Manhattan Mini Storage thinks Rosen is flattering himself. Newark, NJ-based Edison Properties is the parent company of the 17-facility storage operator.

“I can promise you that they never entered our mind,” Adam Sank, a spokesman for Edison Properties, said of MakeSpace. “We’re saying that the cloud is dangerous for people’s virtual data, people who have lost all their valuable data and information because they didn’t have hard copies of it. Hard copies they should store with us.”

Sam Rosen

Sam Rosen is CEO of New York City-based startup MakeSpace.

Sank pointed out that MakeSpace operates under a “completely different business model” than Manhattan Mini Storage, which is known for its provocative advertising.

“We do think we offer much better storage and options than those cloud storage [companies], but we are not specifically mentioning them,” Sank told The Storage Facilitator. “We don’t really regard them as competition; what we offer customers is so much better. People have access to their storage unit 24/7 — you know where your stuff is being stored.”

Manhattan Mini does offer a “storage taxi” service that will pick up you and your belongings and head to one of its storage facilities. Or the storage operator will take you home after you’ve stashed your belongings in one of its storage units. However, it doesn’t provide a two-way trip on the same day.

As for MakeSpace, Rosen said: “We simply came up with a better way of doing things. The fact that the storage industry giants are taking notice of us this early is a sign that we’re onto something big.”

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