8 inexpensive marketing ideas for storage operators

February 16, 2015 1
8 inexpensive marketing ideas for storage operators

A few moves to can go a long way when it comes to sales. And these steps don’t need to break the bank.

It all starts with the right mindset, said Ben Burkhart, president of StorageStudy.com, a self-storage consulting firm near Richmond, VA. By focusing on selling property, you’ll be able to make decisions that help bring in tenants and fill up units.

Adopt these eight ideas to boost sales now and in the future.

1. Improve your website.

Put up as many pictures as possible on your site, suggested Tron Jordheim, director of Columbia, MO-based PhoneSmart, which offers call center services for self-storage and property management companies.

Also, “make sure you have lots of good content,” he added. Include stories about the facility and the surrounding community.


For a free whitepaper on modern marketing tactics in the self-storage industry, visit: selfstora.ge/competelikeREITs


2. Make the most of slow days.


“Most storage facilities have a lot of down time in the middle of the month,” Jordheim said.

Use the time to call current customers and remind them of any programs you have in place, such as a $50 cash reward for a customer referral.

You also can call previous customers to ask whether they’ll need storage soon.

For advice on making the most of “low season” in self-storage, visit blog.selfstorage.com/self-storage-operations/how-to-improve-your-business-during-low-season-5025.

3. Introduce yourself to others.

Look for businesses within blocks of your facility that might not know what your place offers. Also, scout the neighborhood for residential settings, such as apartment complexes, that might have tenants who need storage.

Before heading to these locations to introduce yourself, put together a small gift, said Andrew Kelly, owner of Sierra Self Storage Consulting LLC, a storage consulting firm in Tucson, AZ.

For instance, you could buy coffee mugs and fill them with candy. Drop off the gift with your business card and other marketing materials, such as a pen emblazoned with the name of your business.

4. Team up with companies.

Ask other local businesses whether they want to participate in a joint promotion, Burkhart said.

Perhaps you give out coupons at your facility for an oil change at a nearby auto repair shop. In return, the shop that provides the oil change can hand out coupons for your self-storage facility.

Another way to team up: If you have a long list of current and past tenants, consider emailing them a coupon for a local pizza business. During the next month, the restaurant could include a coupon for storage in each of its pizza deliveries.

5. Offer discounts to groups.

Close-up of a sale price tag

If you have a military base in your area, consider extending a special deal to military members. You also might create discounts for local college students or law enforcement groups.

If you have units to fill that are geared toward commercial customers, offer existing tenants a discount or reward for referrals. The incentive likely will motivate them to refer others in their industry who need storage.

6. Participate in community events.

When volunteering for local activities, ask whether you can wear a uniform that displays the name of your storage facility. If possible, also hand out promotional items, such as flyers, to raise awareness.

If your area has a local home show, look into setting up a booth there, Kelly said. Visitors who are considering a home remodel might need storage during the renovation.

7. Focus on tidiness.

“Keep the outside looking neat and clean,” Jordheim suggested.

Add touches to the landscape that will draw the attention of passers-by. If you have a flowerbed, add colorful plants to make it stand out.

For tips on boosting the curb appeal of your facility, visit blog.selfstorage.com/self-storage-operations/landscaping-tips-for-storage-facilities-4235.

Also, keep the office windows clean. When it comes to attracting customers, “if they see you taking really good care of your property, they’ll assume their property will be OK, too,” Jordheim said.

8. Host workshops.

Offer your facility as a venue for others to hold events. For instance, the fire department could demonstrate how to properly install a child’s car seat.

Service providers, such as financial counselors or hairstylists, might want to hold a free class in your facility. Attend the event to greet visitors, answer their questions about the facility, and let them know you’ll be able to meet their future storage needs.

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  • Paul Reickart

    great write -up.We sometimes overlook simple methods of curb appeal and reaching out that can show prospective tenants that we care- making renting with a facility an easier decision. I particularly like the idea of focusing on the fact it is property, and I have to say “I ‘m with Tron”- his comment is spot on.