Hat Lady: Community Involvement Wins Tenants

September 28, 2011 0
Hat Lady: Community Involvement Wins Tenants

This is the third in a three-part guest series by M. Anne Ballard, self-storage personality (aka Hat Lady) and President of Universal Management Company in Atlanta.

When we invest in firsthand knowledge and demonstrate our professionalism and confidence, customers flock to us. When demand is higher for our units, prices go up. The simple law of supply and demand takes hold, so if most of your size codes are full, raise the rent. Then enjoy the benefits of your actions— better income and leasing results.

Other actions to take that speak volumes about your store are:

1. Stand up and greet your customers. The days of sitting behind our desks and waiting for customers to come to us are long gone. Get up and take charge of your traffic, don’t make them beg you to do a professional job.

2. Ask lots of questions to both callers and walk-in traffic. Then you’ll know what to recommend, and what is important to that customer. Storage is not a one-size-fits all presentation, so make lots of notes.

3. Build your database of contacts with local marketing visits, and add the guests of events or meetings you host onsite. We had 123 onsite events and meetings the first two quarters of this year, and they yielded over 12,000 onsite visitors that were added to the various store databases for future email campaigns and event announcements.

4. Take some action each day to demonstrate your active involvement in the local community, and to promote referrals to your business. Start a networking club that meets at your store once a month.

5. Become a trusted local resource and have available all the information someone new to the area would need.

Make yourself aware of trends and changes in your business. Most of the answers you need are right there in your software, so take action to find out who your target customer is, how old they are, where they are from, what they store, why they chose you, how long they stay, and which sources bring you the most renters. These actions will put money in your account and renters in your units. They really do speak louder than any number of words in ads, whether in print or online.

Sign up for Anne’s current webinar series, Stepping Up Your Game, here. Anne will also be speaking at the Inside Self Storage World Expo conference in Tacoma next week, so come say hello if you’ll be there!

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