Road Trip: The Possibilities Of RV Storage Business

June 11, 2012 6
Road Trip: The Possibilities Of RV Storage Business

Whether you’re opening a new RV storage facility, or adding an RV section to your existing facility, it’s important to understand how the RV market is demographically different from the traditional self-storage market. According to a 2011 University of Michigan study, the average RV owner is 48 years old, married, owns a home and takes three weeks of vacation every year. So it is safe to assume they spend a great deal of disposable income on RVs. Much like boat storage customers, RV owners have made big investments and want to ensure their big ticket item is kept in excellent care.

To be sure, some RV owners will only be concerned with the location and cost of storage, but many will be interested in heightened security and premium services. More and more RV storage facilities are starting to offer luxurious amenities, such as wash bays, propane and water access, electrical power, and climate control.

Some facilities take luxury even further, offering their tenants access to detailing services, onsite mechanics, an RV store on the premises, or even a concierge to facilitate taxi, grocery, and repair service requests. All of these features are potentially expensive to implement at your business, so it’s important to speak to your current RV tenants and determine what they would consider valuable.

Offering heightened security measures can also be an effective business strategy, as many RV owners are extremely concerned about the safety of their vehicles. Alarmed garages, 24-hour surveillance, and computer-controlled access gates are all potential options. Then brush up on marketing vehicle storage.

If RV storage is only an ancillary piece at your self-storage facility, basic outdoor storage or a canopy-only section may be sufficient. But if you have the funds and the local market indicates it makes sense, consider offering fleshed out amenities in this area. Note that when designing the layout of your RV storage spaces, it’s important to remember RVs have a large turning radius. As a general rule, the drive-up space to a unit should be at least 50 feet.

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  • Cathy Haden

    Everyone looks for the services which are less expensive and more reliable with suitable location. All the information you have shared about RV storage seems to be good to provide efficient storage facilities.

    • John Donegan

      Thanks Cathy!

  • aussie storage

    I am agreeing with you Cathy. But I think that Long distances movers and services must be reliable and comprehensive. I think that it is really matters if you are shifting through professional’s movers and packers. Because I think they provide comprehensive facility for customers. Thanks for the information you shared.

  • Storage Auction Experts

    Having alarmed facilities is a great reassurance to tenants.

  • fort collins rv self storage

    A storage lot allows you to offer storage space to owners of campers, boats and other recreational vehicles. Before embarking on any business venture, however, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the basics covered to help ensure eventual success.

  • ijaz man

    great tips for the storage. your facilities are useful.