Organized Surroundings Convey a Sense of Safety, Security for Storage Renters

July 3, 2012 1
Organized Surroundings Convey a Sense of Safety, Security for Storage Renters

When do you feel most safe and secure? Is it when everything is whirling around you out of control and out of place? Or does a certain level of clear organization give you a sense of well-being?

Most self-storage renters are already feeling the effects of change, some of which may feel chaotic. After all, they’re changing the location of possessions, which often accompanies a life-changing or traumatic event.

Given the inherent nature of self-storage, facility owners should strive to make the entire experience feel as organized, safe and secure as possible. Surprisingly to some, this can be as much about incorporating a few extra tweaks and measures as it is about bedrock protocols and procedures. Here are some low-cost steps self-storage owners can take to make their customers feel more safe and secure in an organized setting:

  1. Anticipate and address “extra credit” needs. Think about all ancillary services self-storage renters may need— from transport and boxes to super-locks and RFID identification. Then create an onsite and/or online resource center that provides information about where to locate these services and products. This highly organized approach conveys a sense of having one’s act together for customers and prospects.
  2. Develop and provide an extensive checklist of to-do items for customers in connection with the self-storage experience. This list should be as complete as possible, addressing a wide range of issues such as insurance, physical contents protection (both from the elements and theft/vandalism), suggestions for how best to “pack out” the self-storage unit for maximum bang for the buck, etc. While the customer may only act on some of the list, it will nonetheless provide further evidence of how organized and thorough the self-storage facility is in its thinking. And it shows how invested the facility is in safeguarding and shepherding its customers through the self-storage experience.
  3. Stock and make available “tools of the trade.” Develop a well-thought-out plan for providing all manner of items that renters may need when loading, unloading or visiting their unit. Make these available for giving away, borrowing, renting, or buying. Items include bottled water, gloves, kneepads, tools, hardhats, flashlights, stepstools, locks and tape. Even if renters don’t avail themselves of these items, the mere fact that they’re available sends a clear message that the owner has thought through customer needs in an organized way. Once again, this conveys a sense of safety and security and shows that the owner cares about customers.

As with so many customer service matters, the devil’s in the details. Big-picture organization is important, and so are all the smaller pieces that round out the picture.

Image courtesy of Things Organized Neatly.

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    I agree, an organized auction and self storage facility can leave a lasting impression.