Operator of online storage auctions signs exclusive deal with Pop-A-Lock

April 2, 2014 0
Operator of online storage auctions signs exclusive deal with Pop-A-Lock

The self-proclaimed eBay of storage auctions has locked up an exclusive deal that it says will help self-storage managers conduct auctions.

Storage auction websites StorageTreasures.com and StorageBattles.com, which recently merged under one corporate umbrella, have teamed up with Pop-A-Lock to offer lock-cutting, photo-taking and inventory services for storage auctions. Pop-A-Lock is the country’s largest network of locksmiths.

“This added service will bring convenience and a time-saving option to self-storage facility managers who no longer desire to cut their own locks, take pictures and inventory their storage units in preparation for sale,” said James Grant, president and CEO of StorageTreasures.com/StorageBattles.com. “This will also reduce their liability, as an insured third party will be performing this duty while being observed and witnessed by the facility manager.”

The service costs $100 for the first four units, including a locksmith’s travel time, and then $12.50 per unit after that. More than 150 facilities have signed up for the service, Grant told The Storage Facilitator.

To take advantage of the Pop-A-Lock service, a facility must signed up with StorageBattles.com or StorageTreasures.com.

StorageTreasures.com/StorageBattles.com says more than 4,000 self-storage facilities have signed up to hold online auctions. In all, about 2 million storage auctions are held each year in the U.S., according to the Self Storage Association.

StorageTreasures.com/StorageBattles.com says it maintains a nationwide database of 800,000 registered buyers. Now, StorageTreasures.com/StorageBattles.com averages more than 4,000 online auctions a month. The company expects that number to double in 2014.

In a news release, the auction operator said that “the potential for growth in the online auction market is phenomenal.”

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